Practice biomimicry, confidently.

Leave uncertainty behind.
Gain the skills, structure and
support that enable your
nature-inspired practice. 

The Biomimicry Practitioner Programme makes it all real.
Go beyond case studies, and become an expert
at applying biomimicry to your own context. 

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Next cohort starts: September 2024

20 hours per month

6 months, part-time

Project-based learning

Loved by learners worldwide, with a satisfaction rating of 4.7/5 stars. 

(Which is great, but it's actually not what we  care about.)

What we care about, is you. Your goals are our goals.‚Ä®
We do a happy dance when you get that long-awaited client. We celebrate when you land that pitch. We post all over LinkedIn when you turn that inspired idea into a shining reality. 

When you can do your best work, we stand a chance of collectively building a thriving, regenerative world¬†‚Äď inspired by the genius of nature.¬†

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The Biomimicry Practitioner Programme is trusted by learners from these institutions, and many more.

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6 x 1 month sprints

Structure, accountability, guidance. 

In each phase of this 6 step process, you’ll gain skills that allow you to think differently, design differently and imagine what else is possible.

Exceptional mentoring and diverse co-learner insights enrich this wild learning journey. 


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What (else) makes the Biomimicry Practitioner Programme special?

Monthly meet-ups

Get to interact in real time with your mentors and co-learners, via online calls

Endorsed Certificate

Your certificate features the logos of Learn Biomimicry and the Biomimicry Institute.

Small cohorts

Enjoy personalised mentoring and peer-to-peer learning in cohorts of 8 people. 

Personal project

Embark on practical, real-world problem solving through project-based learning.

Digital workbooks

Get access to downloadable Workbooks and templates for each phase

3 x Short Courses

The three Foundational Short Courses give you a great understanding of biomimicry

Community content

Stay in touch with news, chats and resources through our community chat feature.

A mystery gift...

We're not the Oprah Show, but we do love a little giveaway.  

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$2799  or  7 x $399

(interest-free monthly instalments)


Get lifetime access to:

  • Active Community of practice
  • 3 x Foundational Short Courses
  • Online Programme Curriculum
  • Templates & Workbook


  • Walk away with your own TED talk style presentation
  • Be personally mentored by world-leading biomimicry experts
  • Get peer-to-peer learning
  • Join our monthly social calls to keep learning & networking

Is the right course for you? Only you know for sure.

Feel free to explore our blog article where we map out the biomimicry online course ecosystem, where you can compare costs, timing and outcomes. If you have any questions, contact us or book a call.

There are a number of online biomimicry courses that are publicly available. Explore your options here.

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Welcome to our


Biomimicry doesn’t happen in isolation. The Communitree is our digital meeting space where past and present learners gather each month to deepen and enrich their biomimicry practice. Our Communitree is as diverse as nature itself, with learners joining from almost every continent (come on, Antarctica!). Read more, here.

Connect with 100+ Biomimicry Practitioners, Educators and nature-inspired specialists from 30+ countries, all rooted in the practice of biomimicry. All of this comes free with your Biomimicry Practitioner Programme enrolment.

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Your Success Team

This Programme, and all of our courses, are designed, facilitated and mentored by a world-leading team of biomimics and professionals.

There is no better team than Learn Biomimicry to take you from 0 to 1! I personally could not have completed the program without their expert feedback and guidance, patience and support, warmheartedness and energy. They ensure you learn the methodology thoroughly, while adapting to your own journey.

Gustave de Campigneulles,
Strategic Product Partnerships 

Thank you to the Learn Biomimicry Team (especially the mentors) for an inspiring 6 months of continuous and in-depth learning. This course has been on my radar for a long time and the decision to do it has been a highlight this year. I am excited to further develop my project and bring this methodology into my daily R&D work. I highly recommend the Practitioner program for the topic, the mentors, and the connections.
Felipe H.
Sustainable Design Engineer in the Bicycle Industry

As a self-driven program, I was impressed by how enlightening, informative and surprisingly collaborative it was. The Learn Biomimicry team and mentors were beyond amazing. Available at every step of the journey to guide, check-in and offer support where needed. Thank you Jess, Yuma, Melissa, Rebecca, Deb, Alistair and the Learn Biomimicry team.

Yaw Sarkodie,
Partner and Business Humanizer -Innate Motion

The biomimicry practitioner program was a real pleasure to do. A true enriching experience and the dream team of Jess, Yuma and Melissa are just the best. Always helpful, and adding valuable feedbacks to all projects of the participants. Will keep in touch for Life with this amazing community. Thank you.

Sophie Wisbrun
Overakker, Regenerative Entrepreneur, Nature Positive Catalyst Founder of Doing Business Doing Good

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The end is
the beginning

Congratulations. This is where the magic starts.
Outside of your comfort zone,
but within the realm of possibility.

Committing to investing in yourself can be difficult: time, money, having the courage to do things differently. BUT. You know, deep down, that this is where you need to be, and this is what you need to be doing.

We're here to ensure that your Biomimicry Practitioner journey starts strong, and stays strong. 

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