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Just like flourishing ecosystems in nature, we believe in creating mutually beneficial relationships. We strive to collaborate with you to create distributed global networks that encourage and enable the learning of biomimicry so that together, we can build a thriving, regenerative world.

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Why become an ambassador with us?

Reconnect Biomimicry - Mutual Value

(mutual value)

By connecting our courses with your network, you are helping us to reach more people. So for every single course that you sell using  your unique share links, you will receive a commission percentage of that sale.

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Be part of designing
the new normal

By being part of our mission to make biomimicry accessible to people and companies all over the world, you are helping to change the way that we design our world – for the better! 

High Quality Biomimicry Courses

High quality,
tried-and-tested products

Our courses are created by biomimicry professionals, and are endorsed by the Biomimicry Institute. We consistently receive great feedback  on our courses from our global network of members.

What will I receive to help me market the courses?

We want you to be prepared and equipped to share our courses with the world, so we'll set you up with everything you'll need:

Personal profile and unique share links

You'll have your own personal profile where you can access your unique share links for each product or page, that you will use in your marketing. These tell us that the sale came through you! You'll also be able to use this dashboard to track your sales in real time. 

Learn Biomimicry Affiliate Dashboard
Biomimicry Learning Resources

Resources to share and brand guidelines

Learn Biomimicry will supply you with visual resources to share, brand guidelines, promotional offers and other updates. You'll be able to access these resources via a shared folder, and will receive email updates from the company. 

Course and platform information

Once your application has been approved, you will brochures that give you more information on the content that is covered in the courses, as well as information on the technical aspects of the Learn Biomimicry LMS platform. 

Biomimicry Course Overview

How does it work?

To apply and become a Learn BiomimicryĀ Ambassador is a simple 4-step process.Ā 

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You apply

We'll need you to fill in a form that tells us a bit more about you.

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STEP 2: 
We review

This is a quick process to ensure that we're entering into a good relationship.

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STEP 3: 
Sign and setup

The last admin step is for you to sign our Ambassador Agreement contract. Once that's done, we'll create your profile on our system, and then you're ready to go.

Sell Biomimicry Courses with Learn Biomimicry

Start selling!

You'll receive your own unique tracking links that you access in your profile. Every time someone purchases a course through your link, you get commission!

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