It's Time To Learn from Nature

Sustainability is broken. Lofty promises get made and goals get set, often without any clear action plan for how to achieve them.

We believe there’s a better way, naturally.

On a profoundly poetic level, biodiversity and Nature hold the key to their own survival—and our role in building a life-friendly future.

The world needs Nature-inspired innovations, now more than ever. It’s time to think outside, in every sense, and learn biomimicry.


Biomimicry Course Instructor - Jess Berliner

Think Outside.

Create conditions conducive to life.

Our global challenges won’t be solved with the same kind of thinking or approaches that created them. They also can't be solved by waiting for someone else to step in.

Sustainable innovation is hard. It’s not a checkbox exercise, it’s evolutionary. It requires us to rethink, listen, design, and do business to be more resilient, adaptive, and regenerative.

Biomimicry is a practice, the more you do it, the better you get at it. And through its practice, you’ll be able to design cities, products, and businesses that create conditions conducive to life.

Learn From the Wild Ones

Your education shouldn't be traditional... it should be evolutionary.

We work with world-class biomimicry practitioners, influential educators, and accomplished professionals to bring you Nature’s winning strategies. The planet’s wild flora and fauna have spent 3.8 billion years perfecting their extraordinary natural tactics for success. Tap into nature's blueprints, strategies and tools with biomimicry courses from the remarkable humans who understand Nature and her ways, and are not afraid to stand out from the herd.

Learn Biomimicry Team

Teeming with a love for learning from Nature.

Jess Berliner

Learning Director
Nature Nerd

Alistair Daynes

The Wild One

Claire Janisch (Late)

Biomimicry Professional
An Ecological Angel

Team and Mentors
There are no shortcuts in life... but if there were one, it'd be having a mentor.


Biomimicry Professional & Educator

Rebecca MacKinnon

Biomimicry Professional & Educator


Biomimicry Practitioner & Professional

Yuma Langenbach

Biomimicry Mentor & Practitioner

Our Educational Partner

We are grateful to The Biomimicry Institute for their initial and ongoing support and encouragement – from the first "we have an idea..." conversations, to helping us to grow, evolve and help learners solve humanity’s biggest challenges through the adoption of biomimicry (nature-inspired innovation).

Locally Attuned

Founded in South Africa, today we are a globally distributed 'organism' with learners of 6 continents (come on Antarctica)

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All Great Innovations
Start with a Seed

We planted ours in 2020. 

Since then, we’ve helped more than 1,679 learners from over 41 countries practice biomimicry in their personal and professional lives. 

Things started on a much smaller scale, but our values have stayed the same. They’re not our own but are the principles of life. Our strategy is ground-up, integrating development with growth. While always resource-efficient, we create an environment for individuals to evolve and thrive.


We're not a bad species,
we're just a young one

Some of the earliest branches on the tree of life date back 2.4 billion years.
Humans, we've only been present for 2 million.
We're young, and perhaps a bit naïve.. but we can all agree - smoking isn't cool.

Biomimicry provides a way to learn from our ecological wise elders and brings hope to a world in need to rethink our place on earth.

It's time we shift the paradigm from doing less bad to doing more good. 

Biomimicry Short Courses