Dive Deeper. 

Biomimicry Practitioner

Join a bespoke project-based learning journey that expertly guides you to become a confident, practising biomimic. Create nature-inspired innovations to solve real-world problems.

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Programme fee: $2799
The next cohort starts the 4th of June 2024

Biomimicry Practitioner Course - Effort

20 hours per month

Biomimicry Practitioner Course - Length

6 months (part-time)

Biomimicry Practitioner Course Certificate


Think Outside (the box)

Innovation isn't black and white, it's wild.
In the spirit of innovation, we’ve adopted a refreshing approach to traditional education. Join a bespoke project-based learning journey that expertly guides you to become a confident, practising biomimic.

Is This Course For You? 

Stand out from the herd.
The nature of this programme is different. 
Our structure, the projects, the type of learning, the level of curiosity, the network, the act of doing rather than memorising, the support, and peer to peer learning environment. It guarantees a remarkably effective way to make learning happen

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Course Overview

Biomimicry Practitioner Programme - Course Brochure
Biomimicry Practitioner Programme - Course Structure and Summary
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Designed to Fit into Your Life

About the Certificate

Earn your stripes to receiveĀ the BiomimicryĀ Practitioner Certificate - certified by Learn Biomimicry and endorsed by the Biomimicry Institute.

Assessment is continuous and based on a practical assignment that you complete online. To be issued with the Certificate, youā€™ll need to meet the requirements that are outlined in the programme summary which is made available to you when you enrol.

Bonus: Access to the Communitree+

Connect with over +100 Biomimicry Practitioners, Educators and nature-inspired specialists from +30 countries, all rooted in the practice of biomimicry.

The Communitree provides a solid foundation for lifelong and life-wide learning, going beyond just the 6 month (part-time) programme. It takes shape in themed monthly meet-ups where we inspire, learn and create together.

You can learn more about the Communitree here.

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