Find your Dream Biomimicry Project in Under an Hour

The Biomimicry Project Playbook micro-course consists of three key lessons to finding you dream biomimicry project. 

With a template workbook included, you will walk away with the foundation to your dream biomimicry project.

10 Years to Build, 1 Hour to read.

This micro-course is the fastest way to finding a biomimicry project.

Based on the learnings from a decade+ of practice and teaching,
PLUS the wisdom of world's best accelerator - Y-Combinator, these three lessons will help you find your dream biomimicry project. 

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The 3 seeds of biomimicry
Why practice biomimicry?
Who practices biomimicry?

Used by new learners and practicing biomimics alike, this 27-page printable field guide serves as a concise entry point, or as a useful refresher!

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