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The Communitree exists to extend and deepen the biomimicry learning journey of all past and present Biomimicry Practitioners, as well as to create purposeful collaboration across countries and cohorts.


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Communitree Overview

The Communitree provides a solid foundation for lifelong and life-wide learning, going beyond just the 6 month (part-time) programme. It branches into themed monthly meet-ups where we inspire, learn and create together.

Claire Janisch - Biomimicry Professional

Your Facilitator: Rebecca MacKinnon

Remarkable starts with Reb.

Rebecca found her love for biomimicry in 2015, when she started playing atthe intersection of her two loves: science and design. She has a background in Marine Biology from the University of Cape Town and a Masters in Bio-inspired Design from Utrecht University. Nowadays, you'll find her working alongside the incredible Learn Biomimicry team; teaching biomimicry to architects; and developing her skills in Regenerative Design.

Jess Berliner - Biomimicry Course Designer

Biomimicry Expert: Monthly Guest 

dependent on the theme.

Each month we invite a biomimicry Expert to present for 15min to share, teach and inspire. Presenters have included Andrew Howley (Chief Editor of AskNature), Chris Montero - Illustrator and consultant from Biomimicry 3.8, Dr Laura Lee Stevens from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and so many more keystone individuals.

The Living Library

From in-depth handbooks, templates to recorded sessions. Dive even deeper into biomimicry.

Introduction to Biomimicry Handbook
The Biomimicry Life's Principles Short Course
The three seeds of biomimicry

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