50 of the World's Best Biomimicry Examples (so far)

Nov 25, 2022

Hi Biomimics

Below is a list of our top 50 innovations inspired by nature. Each nature-based solution has been implemented as a business or a biomimicry invention / is a biomimetics example. The criteria involved an extensive mapping of each biomimicry example, how it meets the Biomimicry Life's...

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The Top 10 Best Biomimicry Examples of 2021 🏆

Jul 08, 2021

Hi there, Change Makers

Below is a list of our top 10 innovations inspired by nature for 2021. Each solution has an emerging biomimicry-based business. We look forward to seeing how they grow and evolve over time. 

This year’s Biomimicry Institute Ray of Hope Prize goes to...

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