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Personal Project

This project-based course can be done in parallel with (or be integrated into) your work, or undergraduate/ postgraduate studies. You will be guided in creating a project that follows the biomimicry design methodology, ensuring that you get to understand the full process. 

Professional Mentoring

From start to finish, you will be mentored through this process by experienced and professional biomimics and biomimicry practitioners. You will have regular, scheduled check-in's with this person so that they can guide you through each phase of your project and learning. 

Endorsed Certificate

When you graduate from our Biomimicry Practitioner or Educator's course, you will receive a certificate that endorses your skills. This enables you to confidently practice biomimicry in your field straight away!
Instantly become part of our network, and get the option to work as a B.Practitioner consultant on projects.

Foundational Courses

To build a solid house, you need a solid foundation! It's important to have a good understanding of biomimicry before you start, so we're including the 3 Foundational online Courses in the price of the Practitioner's course (or a $300 discount if you've done them already!).

Deepen your understanding and improve your practice of biomimicry through this professionally mentored learning journey, for beginners or more experienced biomimics.

"Once I became hooked on to biomimicry through the LearnBiomimicry courses, I thought: 'How can I apply this practice into my field of human communication?'. I looked around, on the internet and in the different biomimicry communities and I realized there had not been any practical work done in this particular field. I had a calling to fill that gap by writing a handbook about it. Then I had a chat with Jess, and we concluded that I could do so and use this material as the basis for my practical application to become a Biomimicry Practitioner through the Journey with Claire.

Over the next few months, we worked hard, had our fantastic interactive meetings and she helped me formulate my thoughts within the framework of the biomimetic method. And here it is. The first book about bioinspired human communication for the 21st century: From Nature’s Mouth.
Thanks so much Claire and also Jess for accompanying me on this adventure and on allowing for another innovative way of looking at the world and call to (re)connect with Nature, our communities, cultures and ourselves to come into being."

- Michaela Emch, Communication specialist and biomimicry practitioner. 

All the skills you need to become a confident, practicing biomimic.

Learn Biomimicry offers you a streamlined journey to become a Biomimicry Practitioner in your field of interest or work.

  • STEP 1: Get the best foundation with the 3 online courses – either separately or as part of this course.
  • STEP 2: Apply your learning to a professionally mentored, practical project.
  • STEP 3: Qualify as a Biomimicry Practitioner and start practicing right away!
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Designed to fit into your life

Short, and part-time

This course runs for 6 months, and is divided into 4 key phases. You will be checking in with your mentor at set intervals and with specific deliverables. How you use the time with your mentor is tailored to your specific skills and needs.

Solo or group

This course can be done individually, or as a team (2-5 people) who are working on one project. A team will be mentored together, but each person in the team will be assessed and certified on a individual basis.

Cost effective

Biomimicry specialisations and post graduate programmes can be very resource intensive. Our Biomimicry Practitioner programme is designed to fit within most budgets and gives you the skills and tools you need to start practicing straight away.

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"The Biomimicry Practitioner course has been a critical step for me in my journey to developing the business of ReWild Africa. I was able to apply the learnings I had from the courses I did with the guidance of my mentor Claire, to help create the foundational structure that exists today. Ethos, Values and Reconnect provided a great guiding light towards how the tool of Biomimicry was applied (you can use a hammer to build a house or to break a house). Today this has manifested into what is now the ReWild culture, which looks to quieten its cleverness and connect with Nature and realizing that small is beautiful.
Applying Life Principles was so important, as this was helped create the structure from which resilience and diversity might help the company survive. For example, I looked to 'creating collaborative relationships', and that is now the premise of ReWild Africa's success, we are only as good as the success of partners. From a systems level, applying this lens has strategically helped articulate where ReWild sits in the greater ecosystem of ReWilding and Conservation, and how we are engaging with its growth and development. There is no better way to learn than by doing, i couldn't suggest a better way for you to bring your project to life, than through this Practitioner course."

- Samuel Chevallier, co-founder / director of ReWild Africa, ecologist and business developer

More information on this course

"Committing to embark on the Biomimicry Practitioners Learning Journey came with hesitation for me, I didn't think I had the capacity or knowledge for it. I'm very glad I took the opportunity, though, to be stimulated and mentored by an experienced professional. Claire's deep passion and understanding about the potential this practice has to benefit all who become intimate with it was a guiding light throughout the experience (and continues well after). I was lucky to apply the journey to a personal project; within the design of a residential home in Cape Town.

Being able to walk through the practical steps of the biomimetic process; from the scoping phase, to the discovery phase and then to design and evaluate against Life's Principles, was a wonderfully challenging experience. Not only did it result in a more contextually appropriate design, but also helped me to gain a deeper understanding, and respect, for the principles which life has lived by on Earth for a lot longer than humans have existed."

- Devon Concar, Communications Professional in Ecological Consciousness, Biomimicry, Responsible Tourism & Events

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