$99.00 USD

The Biomimicry Confluence

This two day (part-time) digital conference is an opportunity to collaborate with leaders, professionals, and business consultants in the Global Biomimicry Network.

Our collective value multiplies where we overlap. Workshop with subject experts, successful trail-blazers and seasoned biomimics. Enjoy a shared experience with a collective who look to nature's wisdom. Expect to be part of the conversation with breakout rooms and one-on-ones, all with the purpose to spark powerful collaborations that can carry you and your organisation forward.

What you'll get:

  • Short presentations from leading biomimicry experts
  • Workshop and action orientated learning
  • Knowledge Sharing - An ideas exchange
  • Inspiring Case Studies - Entrepreneurial success stories
  • Access to a digital learning and networking platform
  • and so much more

This is an active learning and participation digital event. Arrive to engage. 

If you wish to attend just for one day, you can join the Biomimicry Confluence for $49.00 (USD) - one day only. Click here to purchase the Biomimicry Confluence One Day ticket

We look forward to connecting with you!

Please email [email protected]  If you have any questions.