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Biomimicry Masterclass

Use this course to apply your biomimicry knowledge and create systems-level transformative innovation.

What's included:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Integrated Perspective
  • Systems Thinking
  • Places to Intervene in a System
  • Biomimicry and Systems Innovation -
    5 x subsections
  • Perpetual access to digital handbook

Please note: the online video component is available for 4 months from when you first access it. However, if you require more time, please contact us and we'll gladly extend your access for free! You will always have access to the handbooks.

PLEASE NOTE: We also offer discounts for students, NPOs, educators and bulk purchases (5+). For information on this, please view our FAQs page.

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What our members say about this course:

This trio of courses provides a fantastic primer on the practice and principles of biomimicry. Well worth the time and cost! Thank you for offering this content.

Andrew C.

This Masterclass is Phenomenal!! I highly recommend completing ""Introduction to Biomimicry"" and ""Biomimicry Life's Principles"" before going through the Biomimicry Masterclass. I've consumed all three courses and excited to go back through them. The video content is comprehensive with contextually rich case studies and thoroughly aligned handbooks. I recommend the Biomimicry Masterclass to anyone who has the desire to expand and strengthen their understanding and application of Biomimicry.

Calrissian W.

This is one of the most fundamental course to take to truly get a deep understanding of how biomimicry can be applied to everyday situations. It gives us the perspective of how our society needs to address our current systems of living and how nature can provide the solutions. Through this course I have learnt how we as humanity can not only live sustainability with this planet but how we can thrive and contribute back to nature. I have truly been inspired by the course and hope that everyone gets the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of our place on Earth!

Milan M.

We live in a time where we can hardly keep up with the technological evolutions, and we actually don't really know what to do with these new powers coming from the bio-tech and infotech industry. A lot can go wrong if we use these powers the way we have been using new technologies up until now. But biomimicry offers an in depth framework to a sustainable future with a clear purpose for every link of the chain, with a strong and inspiring vision: Create conditions that are conducive for life. Biomimicry shows there is enough to be optimistic about, if we come together, team-up and use all the new ideas, the way nature has done for billions of years.

Tim T.